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With the vision of enhancing the educational and career aspirations of all students and graduates through inspirational leadership, IIHM in association with IHC, has established “The IIHM International College of Distinguished Fellows”, membership of which comprises solely of individuals who have been conferred the award of Fellow of IIHM (FIIHM). The objective of the college is to meet at least biannually, to discuss fund raising, scholarship and specialist webinar programmes on trends, fashions and developments in the industry run by the Fellows. The "IIHM International College of Distinguished Fellows" with the motto of 'Fiat lux' (Let there be light), also helps create and provide support in a range of ways to students, who are the future light of the hospitality industry as well as the academic community.

The core members of the FIIHM Awards committee are Dr. Suborno Bose, CEO IIHM & Indismart Global Worldwide; Prof. David Foskett, MBE, Chairman - IHC London and eminent author, educator and an iconic speaker and Mr. Ron Scott FIH, International Director, Indismart Group, Director/Secretary IHC Foundation and Director, APIU Global Limited, UK.


Prof. david foskett

College of International distinguished Fellows,

It is an honour and enormous pleasure to welcome all our distinguished Fellows to the this IIHM prestigious College.

Our Fellows are leaders of Industry, entrepreneurs, scholars, world renowned professionals. This is a unique college which covers a wide section of the industry with a collection of great minds and knowledge. It is this intellect and experience that students throughout the world can learn from, to enrich their knowledge and to assist them to make informed career choices. Our Fellows are wonderful role models who are a shining light, that inspires the future generations and demonstrates to them that success is within their grasp. Such a prestigious body is fertile ground for ground breaking research and innovation, the college has a duty to work with our Fellows to create an International Centre for Hospitality research for the benefit of the wider industry and our international community. We have all lived through o bounce back, creative and innovative, demonstrating remarkable energy, determination and passion. Research is the foundation of knowledge , when the first philosophers appeared in ancient Greece some 2500 years ago, it was the world around them that inspired their sense of wonder they sought explanations for things to dispel myths, to satisfy their curiosity and intellect , today we need to search for new knowledge to find better ways of doing things, to challenge the old myths and traditional practices, our Fellows just like the ancient Greeks have the unique intellect to move the hospitality industry forward. Let us work together to make things better, to shine the light to discover new knowledge, encouraging creativity and innovation. The College of International distinguished Fellows is the platform to make things happen, thank you for all your support.

Prof. david foskett

Chairman, FIIHM Awards Committee Chairman, International Hospitality Council, London Legendary Hospitality Educator and Author.

Dr. Suborno Bose

Dear Fellows of IIHM

It is such a great pleasure to write the foreword of this booklet where we have listed the names and the details of Fellow members of IIHM. The vision of the IIHM International college of distinguished fellows is fiat lux and it means let there be light.

Hospitality is the light for mankind and for humanity, and hospitality will carry on inspiring millions of people all over the world.

We have got many plans and ambitions to make IIHM and it’s alumni and Fellows very famous and special.

We will be sharing our plans and the conference details with all the fellows in the next few weeks and I’m sure that all of you would be delighted to come forward and support your institution - The IIHM.

As the fellows of IIHM we are part of a unique community and this community is one of the most powerful hospitality communities in the world.

We would like you to network and work for the betterment of the industry and the young hospitality team of the UN hospitality professionals and hospitality students so that we can give back to the world of hospitality a part of our valuable time.

I wish you all the very best and will come back to you with more information and exciting news as and when it happens.

Till then goodbye and please take care of your health.

Chairman, IIHM Global CEO, International Hospitality Council, London.

Dr. Suborno Bose

Chairman, IIHM Global
CEO, International Hospitality Council, London.